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Home English News Open Letter to: Hope there will be some serious academic works on this issue. I see that Addis Alem has had profound effect on you; I am hardly Sudanese.

He undertook a vast movement in translating the religious books from the Arabic language into Ethiopian.

Open Letter to: VOA Amharic Voice of America Amharic Service

And with the deportation of Eritreans from Ethiopiathe number of speakers became too high. The treatment given herewith is all about the history of the two languages.

And to a student, in Tigrinya: Of course, it goes without saying that we earnestly welcome any healthy debate that attempts to address these issues from their multifactorial angles. Also, a remnant of pillars was found in the site of yeha, which is located North East of Adoa that indicate the existence of a Sabayan Temple.

We found him to be the best person in that land his name was Betrous. The book remained the same as it was originally, to this date.

ጥፋቱ የማን ነው?

And my magnanimity that I from the Blin. Mostly, even moderators do not make unwarranted comments but stick to the mistake and remind those who forget. As much as it was the medium of transmitting the civilization of Hummerite Agazian to Axum with its first Sabayan Alphabet, it was also the medium of transmitting the Jacobite religious heritage that the Abyssinian church believes in from the books of the Alexandrian church in Egypt translated into Geez-the language of worship of the Abyssinian church.

You keep slithering like a desert Snake. Sorry but I am not nor never will be from the nation of Ethiopia.

ጥፋቱ የማን ነው?

They say; MelhaskaHaz meaning hold your tongue. That said, Ethiopians are fairing and living better than when the monarch and the military junta were in power. You reminded me those diaspora Eritreans who met the president and tried to pitch him VoIP or Solar energy or some economic venture or the other and nothing ever materialize.

We published it in the year A. Not only this, but also the Arabs had more than one language and each language differed from the other.

From haz—to cut off, yehiz—he cuts off as is in the Arabic dictionary.

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Probably the one you are married to had pretended to Ethiopan prior to you marrying her?. Online Tigrinya keyboard to type a text with the Geez alphabet.

Politics and Libel: A Critical Look at the Ethiopian Diaspora

Broklman determines Tigrait to be the language that kept most of the Geez characteristics from among the other two languages, (Tigrinya and Amharic). GeezIME: #1 Keyboard for Tigrinya, Tigre, Amharic Free download. A very easy to use, yet powerful keyboard. GeezIME features include: Use the standard Best apps and games on Droid Informer.

*Introduction: Conducting a discourse on language in Eritrean context in dispassionate manner had proven next to impossible – if past experiences are any guide.

But hope is not lost, as sheer coincidence would have it, recently, EMDHR sponsored seminar via PalTalk that took place earlier this month, and it was refreshing to hear Dr.

Chefena’s approach on language. Keyman for Amharic Twitter, email and thousands of other applications. Free trial available! Amharic for Keyman Desktop.

ጥፋቱ የማን ነው?

Type in Amharic in all your favourite software applications for Windows. Keyman Desktop will automatically configure your system for the Amharic language. የአማርኛ ዜና ሐምሌ 25/ ዓ.ም. Amharic News Aug 01/ 03 Aug የአማርኛ ዜና ሐምሌ 21/ ዓ.ም.

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Write amharic paltalk free
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