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At the end of the year, she was able to show her students and their proud parents crystal-clear evidence of their improvement.

Students’ request for screen-free time included in Cumberland schools’ new strategic plan

The American College of Paediatricians associates it with sleep problems, obesity, increased aggression and low self-esteem. Yet while geeks, the public and politicians — including Theresa May — grow disenchanted, schools, and those responsible for the national curriculumseem stuck in an earlier wide-eyed era.

Communication was the biggest theme from all other groups, said Langton. They can rewind, rewatch, or move ahead through the videos as needed.

Typically the kids would do a variety of stuff, both on screen and off.

Screen-Free Week

By the end of the week, we all had learned more about each other, and learned more than we would have by watching a screen.

But the fact that parents working for pioneering technology companies are questioning the value of computers in education begs the question — is the futuristic dream of high-tech classrooms really in the best interests of the next generation. It may sound draconian, but Thorne believes taking a more considered approach to the use of technology in class allows teachers to help students develop core skills such as executive decision making, creativity and concentration — all of which are far more important than the ability to swipe an iPad or fill in an Excel spreadsheet.

Last year, when students submitted essays in Mr. They are all in high school now, still good friends and they still hang out together, and are all thriving.

School officials should look at new ways of being resourceful and finding grant opportunities, he said. She adds that students weaned on technology often lack that ability to think outside the box and problem solve. My name is Noah. April 29 — May 5 Members and supporters[ edit ] Important members of the network include Adbusters in Canada and White Dot in the UK named after the small white dot that would briefly appear when turning off older TV setsespecially black-and-white ones.

The panel then answered the moderator pre-prepared questions about how to manage screen-use, but I felt like we were missing the mark. Recently, we have started to see a shift in the conversations about the digital divide in the United States. This helped bridge the digital divide, but nothing had quite the effect of the one-to-one programs we now see in so many school districts, including those in low-income areas.

The strategic planning process focused on four key areas: There was great concern that low-income children would be left behind because of their lack of technology in the home. CCFC changed the name of TV-Turnoff to Screen-Free Week insince entertainment media and advertising are increasingly delivered through a variety of screens computers, hand-held devices, etc.

He wrote thoughtful comments in the margins and left each student a note summarizing his feedback at the end. Around three-quarters of secondary students already exceed the recommended two-hour limit on daily screen time.

It makes our lives easier. If no-screens is really important to your family this may be a school to consider.

Celebrate Screen-Free Week!

Those declines are the worst for the low income families we were supposedly worried about in the first place. It was a lot more fun than watching some people run around a screen. And the parents were OK with their kids playing video games at my house or watching Merlin episodes.

Goodson is using Screencasify to provide student feedback. Goodson noticed that his students were now learning from his feedback more efficiently and their writing quickly improved. Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax Second graders work on iPads as part of their classroom work in a Utah elementary school on Monday, May 20, George Frey—Bloomberg/Getty Images.

Schools need to heed this research in order to truly understand how to best nurture real intrinsic learning and not fall for the Siren song of the tech companies—and all of their hypnotic screens.

Screen Free Tips. A Collection of Screen Free Activities and Resources to help you with your children and students to create a healthy relationship with the digital world and childhood. During Screen-Free Week, Nevada County Public Health is encouraging children and families to unplug from electronic devices, TV's and screens generally and to explore other things to do together.

Screen-Free Week is a national effort for kids to cut back on the use of electronic devices. Oct 23,  · The Waldorf School’s computer-free environment has become a draw for parents at high-tech companies like Google. Dr. Screen-Free Mom is a psychologist, writer, university professor and mom.

Children are tech addicts – and schools are the pushers

She is raising her young kids (mostly) screen-free and committed to helping other parents make informed screen decisions.

She works to summarize all the world's screen-time research and provide helpful alternative activities.

Screen-Free, even at school! Screen free schools
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